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Whitetail, Snow Goose, & Turkey Hunts


Come experience what Central Missouri Wildlife has to offer.  100% fair chase Whitetail Hunting, with NO Trophy Fees.

Snowgoose spring migration like no other and BIG Eastern Turkeys.

White tail deer
White tail deer
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My experience this past week at Central Missouri Whitetails was one I’ll never forget.

The housing is phenomenal, the food is second to none, the atmosphere around camp is amazing and oh yeah the hunting summed up in one word "awesome"! Every stand I sat in was placed very well and comfortable enough to sit from dark to dark. I personally liked the fact that every guide was very knowledgeable about the deer on the farms and the stand placements. Also sitting around camp after dinner and listening to the guides tell stories and see them come up with plans on where to sit and witch stands would be good for the wind made me sleep easier knowing I'm not just going to a stand to hope something will walk by the next day. I saw first hand the strategic planning for the weather as it threw us a curveball the first few days. On the drive down I was pretty nervous about how big of deer do I need to shoot and once talking with the guides they reassured me to shoot whatever I was happy with. I saw multiple bucks bigger than the one I shot as well as plenty of does and other wild game while on the stand. I would recommend this experience to everyone, beginner hunters as well as experienced hunters.  I am anxiously waiting to visit again next fall.

Shannon, Wisconsin

Best vacation ever!

On our way home from the best vacation, I’ve ever had. I got to experience real whitetail rut action that even some of the most experienced hunters never get to see. A week’s worth of sitting in a deer stand with my bow and I can honestly say I never had the same sit each day or each sit. The first evening in the stand I saw 15 deer and that’s wasn’t even my best day on the stand. On Thursday, I sat all day and saw a total of 6 shooter bucks, unfortunately for me, I couldn’t get a shot off and had to let down 3 different times. The RUT unfolded in front of my stand- with a doe being chased by three bucks, a big mature buck actually locking horns with another, and finally winning the doe 30 yards from me- with no shot. This was my first trip away for deer camp and I was spoiled. Walden and his family’s hospitality is unmatched- from Walden taking me into town to the bow shop to have an issue looked at and him helping me track a deer for a half-mile to Melissa’s wonderful home-cooked meals and fantastic desserts. I just can’t say enough about my stay with Central Missouri Whitetails and we starting planning our return trip for next year before we ever even left. Thanks for the real personal touches you put into or trip that made it great.


Rebecca O'Steen Nunez

Best out of state hunt to date!

Thank you Walden and Melissa Chevalier for a great week.  The lodging was the best I have EVER experienced on an out of state hunting trip. Melissa’s dinners were fantastic, most notably the Lasagna! Traveling to stands in electric vehicles ensured you didn’t overexert and lose scent control, disturb bedding animals, and expedited time to stands. Tree stands and stick ladders are high quality, readily marked, and easily located once on foot.  I hunted several stands during the week, stand placement was well thought out and provided several shooting options from each platform.  Stands covered a variety of locations ranging from hardwoods, food plots, field edges, and funnels.  I could have tagged out my first day, the first hour, but we’re hunting wall hangers.  I saw deer every day to include a 150/160 class 10 point. Unfortunately, at 75 yds and closing, I ran out of daylight and a shot was not possible.  CMW is a serious outfitter, enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides, comfortable lodging, and great meals at an affordable price.  Not only would I recommend CMW, I will be returning for the 2016 season.

John B. Aleshire, MSgt (USAF Ret.)

Friends For Life

The thing I like the most about hunting with Central Missouri Whitetails is that it was like hunting with friends that I have known my whole life but we just had met. I looked long and hard for about two years to find a place to hunt in the Midwest. I finally came across Walden’s site. We started talking and the next thing I knew I was booked in for late October this past hunting season and yes I have already rebooked for November of next year. Walden does whatever he can do to put you on the deer. There are just two things he can’t control the weather and the deer. If outfitters could do that it wouldn’t be called hunting. I saw deer almost every sit. Saw a few monsters also. His wife does all the cooking and it was amazing!!! Never had a want or need for anything while I on my stay. Walden is top-notch in my book. I also brought my girlfriend along and she received what some hunters can only dream about seeing.

Mike Martin

If you want a Great Hunt with Top Notch people. I highly recommend Central Missouri Whitetails! You won't be disappointed!

Ken from Michigan

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