Friends For Life
The thing I like the most about hunting with Central Missouri Whitetails is that it was like hunting with friends that I have known my whole life but we just had met. I looked long and hard for about two years to find a place to hunt in the Midwest. I finally came across Walden’s site. We started talking and the next thing I knew I was booked in for late October this past hunting season and yes I have already rebooked for November of next year. Walden does whatever he can do to put you on the deer. There are just two things he can’t control the weather and the deer. If outfitters could do that it wouldn’t be called hunting. I saw deer almost every sit. Saw a few monsters also. His wife does all the cooking and it was amazing!!! Never had a want or need for anything while I on my stay. Walden is top-notch in my book. I also brought my girlfriend along and she received what some hunters can only dream about seeing.